Essay Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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WWlll was in 2301, and it is now 2323. WWlll was caused by America cutting off the supply of steel to the Middle Eastern countries. The President of Milwaukee, President Walker, says that the fence separates the dangers and destruction of war, and the safety of the city. No one is to leave, nor come into the city. “Help, help! Help me please,” shouted Paris Scott, “I can’t survive on my own! I need to get out of here and go home.”
Those were the words said eleven years ago when Paris Scott first lost her family and had to live alone in the city of Milwaukee. 11 YEARS LATER
Today is the twenty-third of July and it is Paris’ fifteenth birthday. She is living in a small apartment that the government has provided her to live in until she is eighteen and can provide for herself. The apartment includes a bedroom, bathroom, mini kitchen, and one sitting area with a computer. Paris has no family in the city, so like every year, she celebrates her birthday alone by baking a cake. Most years, Paris gets angry at her family for abandoning her, but this year Paris longs to be in her family’s presence again. To see her family is her birthday wish. Paris has a glimpse of an idea to escape the city, but she rejects the idea as soon as she comes to reality about the security of the city. There were cameras placed on every single corner of the city. Any unusual movement during the night would alert the officers. There was no chance that she…

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