Summary Of The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Lois Lowry, wrote the Giver in 1991 after the Great Depression, when people were in the first phase of financial recovery. In 1990 marked the end of the era of economic struggle from the collapse of the USSR and the end of communism, which led to controlled parenting, less children and parents were not content with normal and average children (CC-Fiction Background Power Point). Parents expected their children to model the actions of adults and adults controlled children’s activities (CC-Fiction Background Power Point). From 1990-1999, children’s impulses were controlled by the use of Ritalin (CC-Fiction Background Power Point).
The plot of the Giver was about one child Jonas, who was the only person able to receive memories and emotions of those before his world and childhood from the Giver of memories. Jonas’s childhood appeared to be a utopian society a perfect world. Everyone lived the same way, and no one had the experiences of pain,
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In other words, he was given privileges of an adult but his childhood was lost other than the memories he received from the Giver. It was interesting how the Giver showed Jonas good parts of the memories of the world and later the bad, because adults even today try to shield children from pain, violence, and …show more content…
When the children were playing war games, Jonas became offended and upset, because the Giver gave him the memory and experience of war. The other children never experienced war (Lowry, pp.118-119), so they did not understand why Jonas stopped playing the childhood game he grew of

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