Summary of Strageties Essay

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1. How do your surroundings affect your reading comprehension? How might you minimize distractions while you are reading for your class assignments?
Your surroundings should be relatively quiet so that you can really understand and absorb what you are reading. If you have a lot of noise or other distractions going on you can't really understand or comprehend what u are reading because you have to deal with what is going on. While reading your class assignments you could minimize your distractions by doing your school work somewhere quiet maybe your house, coffee shop or your office. Also having a specific time and place in your schedule to sit down and concentrate on your work. Some people need total silence others might need a
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What strategies might you use to improve reading comprehension of primary sources?
Using primary sources in academic writing serves the purpose of being a describing aid. By using primary sources it will assist the writer in elaborating on certain areas not thoroughly detailed in the text. There are numerous strategies that could be used to advance the reading comprehension of primary sources. Some of these strategies include, reciting the material to yourself. The reader could also take notes while reading the text. The strategy of ensuring that there is an understanding of the information being read will aid the reader as well. A study group is another way of improving reading comprehension.

4. What are some ways you might effectively manage time now that you are a college student?
To effectively manage my time now that I’m a college student I plan to use an organizer to know exactly when assignments are due. I also plan to have certain times slotted for studying and for completing the assignments due to the fact that I am working full time and have a child that requires my time also it has become more important that I know exactly how much time I have to dedicate to each situation that comes up.

5. Review the Taking Control of Your Time section of Ch. 2 of the text. How will you overcome procrastination, set priorities, and remain focused on your goals?
After reviewing “Taking Control of Your Time”, I found some helpful tips to overcome

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