Summary Of Steve Turner's Imagine

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Imagine Chapters 7, 8, and 9
Chapter seven in the book “Imagine” by Steve Turner is titled, “The Times.” The title is referring to changing times. As song writer and singer Bob Dylan’s famous song “The Times They Are a Changing” states – “As the present now, will later be past.” – life moves forward and things change. The chapter refers to many things that change: politics, technology, art, etc. Life is ever evolving and in constant motion, meaning constant change.
However, there are a few groups that do not move with the changing world. The one I am most familiar with is the Amish. Their life is lived today as it was in the seventeenth century. They forfeit the conveniences of the modern world. Their belief is the modern world is corrupt (Tuner, 2001). Their belief is focused on the concept that if Jesus did not change, how could change be a good thing.
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Fashion is another area that changes frequently. Colors, hairstyles, clothing, music, cars, etc., all change. What is “in” today will most likely be old school before you know it. Artist tend to feel and see the cultural shifts prior to non-artists. They see the change coming, they could be labeled proactive more than reactive. Technology, is a major area where art responds quickly to change. Technology suggest new possibilities of combining art forms and the possibility of reaching new audiences (Turner, 2001). Technology is what enabled us to add sound and color to movies (Turner, 2001). Technology enables artists to look at the world in a whole new

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