Analysis Of School Is Bad For Children By John Holt

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Reading “School is Bad for Children,” by John Holt triggered a memory. When I was younger, I dreaded my first day of school. I remember it vividly. My first day of Pre-K, I screamed and whined for my brother who was a few grades above me. School was an unknown concept as a child. Unaware and confused by the atmosphere, I lost complete interest in the system. Even advancing through the system, I felt a dullness and felt like a robot doing all of the work assigned. I could relate to almost every point Holt made in his article. In “School is Bad for Children,” Holt explains his concerns towards the education system well, but Holt neglects to allude the benefits school can have for the students.
In "School is Bad for Children," Holt emanates that
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Do you have children? Can your children relate to Holt’s article? Holt understands that, “Children want, more than they want anything else, and even after years of miseducation, to make sense of the world, themselves, and other human beings” (Holt 4). Children are the future successors of the world, but how can one survive in the world without knowledge of it? Schools are restricting the future successors. If schools were less restricting and strived to educate students while allowing them to learn from their downfalls, the education system would be ideal. The majority of schools do an excellent job in teaching students the information they will need to succeed in the future, but their only downfall in the education system is they need to be less restricting on the students. Allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. Nothing in life is perfect and even if the education system changes, there will still be problems.
In conclusion, Holt explains his concerns towards the education system and restrictions schools have for the students, while bringing up the audience’s concerns throughout his article, “School is Bad for Children,” but lacks informing the audience of the benefits the school has for the students. Reflecting on his article, I was able to relate to the children in numerous ways. I was able to remember my childhood memories of the horrid time I had in

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