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The title of this book is called Robinson Crusoe, the author is Daniel Defoe, publisher is Modern Library, the year of publication is in 1719, genre is Historical Fiction, the type of genre is an Adventure Novel and the number of pages is 198.

The book is about a man named Robinson Crusoe who always had a desire for sailing and having adventures. He gets many chances but finally land up being the only survivor on a deserted island. Here he makes a life for himself and lives quite comfortably for twenty eight years with few dangerous situations, but then a situation develops where he is able to get himself back to England.
The authors purpose is to show to the reader that even if you are far from your comfort
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However it is quite popular and is known for its special way of telling a story, it is quite a known book by several people. The story takes place from the 1650’s to the 1690’s in London, Brazil and an island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. The teller of the story is by Robinson Crusoe himself, he tells his own story, which means we hear the story from his point of view, we only know what he knows. Overall tone of the book is quite tiresome, like he is constantly heavy breathing. Characters:
Robinson Crusoe – He is the protagonist of this novel, and the narrator. He is a middle-class Englishman who just wants to go to sea in search of adventures, instead of staying in England with his family and finding a job and living a safe and quiet life. He feels guilty on many occasions for betraying his parents and the worry he must have put them through, but he is also very practical and makes the best of his situation that he finds himself in. He is a resourceful person. On the island where he is the sole survivor, he tries to live a safe and peaceful life, but there is always some kind of danger that he is brave enough to deal
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He does not want to settle down and work, he would prefer to go out to sea and have adventures. Against his parent wishes, he finds ships that would take him with on their voyage and he tried to be a trader. On his second trip to Africa their ship was attacked by pirates and he was taken as a slave. A few years later he managed to escape on another ship to Brazil where he settled down for a few years and became quite wealthy from his sugar plantation, but the urge for adventure on the sea came back to him. Once again he was on a ship sailing to trade in Africa. This time a storm made them lose their way and the ship got stuck in a sandbar. Everybody tried to sail in the smaller boats to nearby land, but all were washed over and drowned except Crusoe who was washed ashore. Alone on this deserted island he slowly made a life for himself. In the beginning the weather was calm and he was able to get back to the ship with a raft and take all the guns and gun powder, tools and food he could use. He then made himself a home and found a stream for fresh water and he was able to plant barley and rice he had found on the ship. He also saved a dog, called Skippy, from the ship and kept him as his companion. Many years passed and one day he saw some cannibals arrive on the island, so he stayed hidden from them, but other than that he saw no other humans. Many more years passed and other cannibals came with a tied up

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