Summary Of Personally I Have Been To Auschwitz

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Personally I have been to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was one of the biggest concentration camps during WWII one of which David went to. It is a frightening sight. Coming in on these cattle wagons and not knowing which faith there is for you at this location. Seeing your own family get split up and some taken directly to the gas chamber. Losing all faith in humanity because of the actions taken by these people. 6 million Jews were killed during this time. David was one of the lucky, one of the few who survived.

The book starts out by explaining how the family has to go on the run from the Nazis. They walk all day to reach a Town called Sosnowiec. In Sosnowiec they stay with this very nice and polite family that takes them in. One of the thing described
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This journey that David has taken have scarred him for life. The horrors he had seen, the torture he had endured. He knows that he was lucky to survive. Reading this book gave me chills down my spine at certain points. Hearing how humanity failed totally on David and crushed his life. How would you ever be able to recover from something like this. This journey shows how during this era how lucky you were to live. At several points he could have died but he was one of the lucky. Seeing the actual place in Auschwits where he came in made this book much more exiting and scary. I can 't image the trauma he was in at this time. There is no human explanation You have this dream of getting out of this reality but the more you stay in it the worse it gets. You see horrors no human should ever see and experience. Reality becomes a blur of horrible actions by people with no morals. Killing people just because a fascist person in Germany tells you to. This is the reality for Jews during 2nd World War. It would be so hard to hold on to hope, holding on to your dream of escaping this reality. Not many people did survive, David was lucky. This whole experience shaped David for the rest of his life. The horrors stayed with him and I bet there isn 't a day he doesn 't think about this time. He also states in the beginning of the book that he doesn 't trust Germans which was because of this time. He lived in a reality where murder and slaughter of innocent people happened on a regular basis. Having no idea if you would live to see another day. This leaves scars on your soul. Scars that can never be repaired or erased. Images of thousands of people being killed in front of your eyes. His journey from reality to then having his dream fulfilled is an inspiration for many people including me but I can 't seem to not think about the 6 million who wasn 't as lucky as David. This era in mankind can

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