Summary Of ' My Great Grandmother ' Essay

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Before I get to my story let me give you a little background of how my family is where we are today. My great grandmother Suzie lived with her brother and grandmother in Romania. Suzie’s father went to America for work so he could later move his family there with him. Education has always been a big part of my family for many generations. It started with Suzie’s grandmother (my great great grandmother). Suzie’s grandmother walked Suzie and her brother to school every day and carried them across the big river. When Suzie’s grandmother died she could no longer attend school because she couldn 't get across the river by herself. After a few years had passed Suzie’s dad finally got enough money to bring Suzie and her brother to the United States. Romania was at war so Suzie’s brother was not allowed to leave. He had to fight in the war. Suzie left for the United States and never heard from her brother again. When Suzie finally made it to America she met my great grandfather Peter Covrig. They got married and had several children one of which is my grandfather, Cornelius James Covrig.
Since my family are strong believer in education my grandpa had the chance to attend Union College where he met my grandmother, Dorothy Chase. They started dating and eventually got married. Their courtship wasn 't easy though. Dorothy 's father didn’t approve of their relationship, so he moved Dorothy to Madison, Tennessee. My grandfather couldn 't stay away though so he followed my grandmother to…

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