Family Themes Essay

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Each individual has their own personal values and themes in their everyday lives. Societies, families and friends can share the same themes but they can also vary based on personal thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Within this paper I will be taking a look at my life by discussing my family’s origin and their cultural background, the dominant themes found in my family, how these values and themes were made known to me, if there a societal influences that compliment or contradict the values of my family, the dominant themes in my personal narrative, how my families dominant themes have influenced mine and finally how my personal narrative is relevant to my future social work practice.
To begin, my biological parents, my sister and I were all
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With that being said my family comes from several different parts of the world, which has exposed me to several different cultures. My father and his family have strong French Canadian roots compared to my mother and her family that have some Indigenous roots, some Scottish roots as well as some French. Out of all the various culture in my family the only one I have practiced is the French language. When I first met my step father I thought he was very strange. He had an accent, he would use different words to explain things compared to the rest of us, his mannerisms were different and even the way he dressed. I now understand that the reason I thought he was so weird was because I had never met anyone from Europe before and their culture is very different than what I had grown up with. Now I have visited parts of Europe and have mastered my British accent because of the interest I have in their ways.
To continue, this section will discuss four dominant themes in my family and why they are dominant themes. The first themes is religion, my mother grew up practicing catholic religion and she has raised her children based on her catholic views. I remember attending church as a family often on Sundays but as I got older we attended less and

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