Summary Of Human Rights Contention In Latin America

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Human Rights Contention in Latin America: A Comparative Study (Discussion)
The hypothesis for the article Human Rights Contention in Latin America: A comparative Study is, “an analysis that reveals that human rights contentious challenges are most prevalent where human rights abuses are worse and authoritarianism is present and in countries that are more urbanized.” (Franklin) It is basically stating that there are more human rights violations and up risings from people when you have an authoritarian government. Within this authoritarian government human right abuses are much worse and this brings along HRO’s or Human Rights Organizations. It was also stating that the more HROs each country has the more that each organization will be able to
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This data included protests and the different types of challenges that each country faces; such as political challenges. The main things that were measured were any type of contentious actions that were taken by either governments or HROs. The data was also from, “demonstrations, armed attacks, violent protests, occupations of government buildings, labor strikes protesting economic policy, and hunger strikes.” (Franklin 143) These methods were used to demonstrate that government with authoritarian powers are the ones that have the highest level or protests and human rights violations. In one of the graphs (Figure1-Human rights organizations and contentious actions, 1981-1995) it shows that the amount of human rights disputes is not in any way associated with the amount of HROs in a given …show more content…
It would have also allowed for us to gather information on other countries that weren’t just authoritarian. Many countries in Latin America are being democratized yet they still suffer from certain human rights violations. In this case study it used the example of Venezuela and the number of human rights violations that it has matched the number of HROs that it had as well. I feel like this is due to the fact that Venezuela has been dealing with many economic issues lately and it has caused it people to want to revolt against the government; this has led to many human right violations as

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