Summary Of Dorothy's First Visit To Wonderland

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Chapter One: Dorothy 's First Visit to Wonderland One hot Kansas day Dorothy was walking Toto, Dorothy saw a white rabbit. “The rabbit was wearing a blue coat. That rabbit looks like it came from Oz. Dorothy told Toto. Dorothy follows the white rabbit and asking the white rabbit to wait up, but the white rabbit keeps running. When Dorothy and Toto saw the hole the white rabbit went through Dorothy took a peek. When Dorothy and Toto were taking a peek they lost their balance and fell into the rabbit hole. When they land on the ground Toto starts barking loud. Quiet Toto we do not want wake anything up or bring something to us. Dorothy said. I wonder if we are in Oz? Dorothy asks. Dorothy looks around and finds many doors. All the doors were locked and Dorothy finds a key and she tries the …show more content…
Dorothy asks. Alice came to the Underland when she was a child and she followed me just like you did. Nivens said. The White Queen will tell you more about Alice when you meet her. Nivens said. They walk to the castle. Dorothy saw the Red Queen. The Red Queen was reading a book. Who that? Dorothy asks. That the Red Queen. Nivens answer. They walk to the White Queen. I am so sorry your highness, I did not find Alice because I went to the wrong dimension. This girl name Dorothy Gale follow me. Nivens said. It ok. It was meant to happen. Hello, Dorothy Gale. The White Queen said. My name is Mirana the White Queen. Nivens said your dog name is Toto. I believe you’re here for a reason and it your destiny being here. Mirana said. Tell me about yourself Dorothy. Mirana said. I came from Kansas. A few years ago, there was a tornado that picked up my house. My house land on the world calls Oz. I accident killed a witch and make her sister angry. The good witch of the North Glinda, give me the ruby slippers. Glinda told me the only way to go home is to go to the wizard and he would help me go

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