Summary Of Donald Trump 's Candidacy For The Antichrist Essay

1968 Words Sep 13th, 2016 8 Pages
I have talked with more than a few people — some Christians, some not — about my conclusions regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Antichrist. Biblical connections aside, Trump’s rise to power has been something, in and of itself, profoundly wonderful and marvelous to behold. Not to be confused with good or lovely, what the world has been witnessing is something full of wonder; something to marvel. With mouths open, people are wondering, “How can this be happening?” Before my epiphany, I too was muttering, “This ain’t right.” Subconsciously, I knew early on who he was. I just could not bring myself to admit it. Some things are just beyond belief.
Life is now changing so quickly that reason cannot keep up anymore. We have become a bunch of meanderthals in an age of wonder. You know the type — people that meander on with their private lives as they compartmentalize the world around them. Unaware that — like a lion — reality will not stay caged for much longer. Eventually the beast will reach out and “touch” everyone — no compartment will hold him. Denial does not make reality go away. It just masks it for a season.

Maybe you still aren’t sold — okay. You try explaining what’s happening — You can’t. It’s not because you’re dumb. It is because there is no reasonable explanation to be found. Repeating the mindless banality one hears from the news pundits is just another form of compartmentalization. The best people offer is bits of accompanying facts that contribute to the…

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