Essay on Summary Of ' Don 't Go '

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"Don 't go", she said.

I turned back and smiled. I looked deep into her eyes, and even without opening my lips to utter a word, she seem to understand what I meant.
We always had such a good connection, atleast in the past.

I stood there for a while, perplexed, confused or may be in retrospection consolidating what happened few hours ago.

In my thoughts, I was speaking to myself, screaming at times. "Don 't trust people, don 't open up, don 't break your moral code of silence, omertà, yes! That 's what they called it in Spanish. I vividly remember from the cover of the book that was kept on my seniors table".

My mind drifted away for a moment, then again I heard a constant chatter inside my head, "You are an introvert and you should remain as such. People like you are meant to be alone. They are not made to live like normal humans. People like you can 't laugh, share bond or be trusted."

I said, " May be we are manufactured in that manner, what the big deal. Many others would be just like me."

It replied, "Oh really! Look around and and find me some."

I said, " There was one, and you know it."

"Where is she now? She might have been a frigment of your imagination" it replied.

"No, she wasn 't" I almost yelled inside me head.

It didn 't stop there, rather it further went on, "You have been different since your childhood. Don 't you already know that?"

My rebuttal was, "But, I always had friends".

My inside asked, "Friends you say. You never had anyone. And…

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