Summary Of ' Cccchapter 8 ' Essay

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CCCChapter 8 starts with the author’s childhood experience where she explains the shock when she passes by a ghetto neighborhood. Her parents explanations for why the people there were very different was them being poor but that confused her even worse because what she knew as poor was very different than what she had seen in that neighborhood.
According to the Bureau of the Census’s 1999 statistics on the poverty more than 32 million Americans, 11.8 percent of the population is below the poverty line and mostly people who are under the age of 18, people from Northeast region, female head with no husband, and 2 person family size, and Non-Hispanic white people is at the top of the chart. According to the P&L there are three levels of poverty. The translational poor are people who are experiencing temporary and brief poverty. The marginal poor are working poor who have low paying jobs. The residual poor are people who stay in poverty for an extended period of time, and generally depended on social welfare benefits. The causes of the poverty have something to do with race class and gender but it is more complicated than that. For example from the statistics we know women are poorer than men but we do not know why. Structural explanation to why women poor would be society is discriminating against women and that prevents women to have equal paychecks, in this case the real problem is social structure. Individual explanation of why women poorer than women is that women desire…

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