What Makes People Poor Research Paper

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What makes people poor? What are the causes of people becoming poor?

(Thomas B Edsall) Dr. E saw poverty as a technical problem, not a moral one or political pressures, to get an explanation where poverty start. “ We should consider the ramification of new research that provides insight into urban social disorder, worklessness, the rising salience of education and the shortcoming of government policy.” The scope of this research on unemployments to look at the consequences for men who group up in a fatherless household. Dr. E said that the labor market trajectory of males in the U.S. has turned downward along four dimensions that take them to poverty which are; skills acquisition, employment rate, occupational stature, and real wage level.
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What could be a possible solution for poverty?
(Jeffrey, sach) Dr. E found some posibles solution to poverty. He said that “ Top political, environmental and social problems.” contributed to poverty. Therefore he suggest to start fixing those three terms to could get a solution to poverty. When he said political means that the government contributed to poverty.Then, enviromental means that society contributed to poverty. Finally, social problem means that people contributed to it too. The solution will be to fix these three problems.

Jeffrey, Sachs. (2005) The end of poverty: economic posibilities for our time.New York, New York: New York Penguin Press.

9. What is the government doing to help poor people to go to the doctor?

(Calmen, Jackie) We know that government try the best to help poor people, but they can do better. When talking about go to doctor or to the emergency room, we are talking about a lot of money. The obama health care, medicare and medicaid are some of the service that help low income to go to the doctor without pay anything. Dr. E said “We are focused like a laser on reducing healthcare costs and implementing the Affordable Care Act.” It means that the government is working to get facilities medical assistance for the poor and middle class
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(2013, December 7) Obama Recalls an Aide to Guide Health Care Law. New York Times. Retrieved from www.newyorktimes.com.

10. Does poor people have a opportunty to go out from poverty with Education?

(Boyd, Donald, Lankford, Hamilton, Loeb, Susanna, Rockoff, Jonah, & Wyckoff, James) Dr. E said that in New York city, neighborhood and school are basically segregated. Poor neighborhood together, middle togethers and high togethers. The good professors go to the richest neighborhood to teach the rich children while the inexperienced one go to the low income families and poor. In New York we have the Bronx as an example the South Bronx is the low income or poor the in the same city, just at the north we have River there which is the rich part of the Bronx. Basically poor stay poor and rich rich, not mix is allow.

Boyd, Donald, Lankford, Hamilton, Loeb, Susanna, Rockoff, Jonah, & Wyckoff, James. (2008). The Narrowing Gap in New York City Teacher Qualifications and Its Implications for Student Achievement in High-Poverty Schools. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 27(4),

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