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African American Speech Maker is an oracle of all the great voice written and heard through the time of the Mayflower until now. In the book of Fitch; how sweet the sound is about the spirit of African American History. It shows that they were some of the greatest speechmaker of their own time. The book speaks of African American speech, tradition, community, ceremony, and rituals and how it gave them the strength to persist in their struggle toward freedom. In Vincent Harding speech he uses the prefix, “renewal,” “rediscovery,” “reconstruction,” and being “redefined,” and “projected,” out of the “junkyard/spirit yard” of African and African American cosmology, aesthetics, and philosophy has come the stuff of the recreation of African American …show more content…
In 1865-1866 the Black Code was established, the code restricted the Right of Freeman under vagrancy and apprentices law.
H. The Ku Klux Klan was organized in 1866. A secret vigilante organization that tried to undermine Reconstruction.
I. Reconstruction had officially provide freeman with equal rights under the constitution and blacks were voting and taking political off. Republican legislatives, coalition of white and black established the first public school system and numerous charitable institution in the south the reconstructed era had place the south upon a road of the property.
3. The life and times of Jim Crow (Chapter 9).
A. Separation or Segregation became the law. African American and white could not ride in the same street cars or railroad car. African Americans could not drink from the same fountains as white. This was the system that became Jim Crow.
B. Share croppers System-farm labor under the system. A family farmed a small plot of land belonging to another, in return for a share of the crop, but was always in debt, because at the end of harvest there was nothing left and the slaves was still in debt.
C. The Lynching law: An approximated 10, 000 person was lynched in America 1878-1898. D. Ida. B. Wells fought lynching and lynching dropped from 235 a year to
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The 14th amendment secured the right of former slaves and 15th amendment allows anyone to vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
F. The Civil Right Bill guaranteed that everyone, regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude was entitled to the same treatment in public accommodation.
G. Emancipation Proclamation, January 1, 1863 and the 13th amendment ended slavery in America and officially outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude and is punishable.
H. The three great institution during Jim Crow was The Black Church, The Black Lodge, the Black college, but the most important of these three was the Black churches.
4. Red, White, and Black: Race and Sex (Chapter 10)
A. Amalgamation during the slavery period was in Maryland, Abraham married to
Hagar (mix marriages forbidden, White Chapel (Puritan Psyche) 1609 admonition against Amalgamation.
B. The proscription of 1630, the act of banning (forbidden) the abusing of oneself with a Negro is to dishonor God and the shame of

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