Essay on Summary Of ' Affidavit Of Silverio Martin Vazquez- Suarez

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Affidavit of Silverio Martin Vazquez- Suarez

I, Siilverio Martin Vazquez Suarez hereby depose the following:

I am writing this letter to provide a description off the hardships my husband, Edward Vivio, would suffer should we have to leave the United States if my waiver is denied. First, I would like you to know that I was born on July 21, 1986 in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, Mexico. I was born into a family of six people including my father and mother, an older sister and two younger sisters. I grew up in a very poor community called Santa Fe, Jalisco Mexico, 35 minutes away from my parents’ house. The large city of Guadalajara is about an hour and a half from my parent’s home. Growing up was very hard for me and my family because we had very little money for housing, food, clothes or shoes. The roads in Santa Fe are narrow and are not paved. While growing up, our house could go for hours or days without reliable water or electricity. Besides the poverty in the community, I was unable to finish high school because my family was not able to pay for the schooling. I was also not able to finish high school because I had to help to provide for my family by working in the fields and with the animals we raised.

The biggest hardship Edward would face if we had to leave the United States would be the total culture shock and his inability to speak the language. As I stated, Santa Fe is very poor and people live in poverty with not enough food, medical care or common services…

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