Essay on Summary Of ' Abraham Lincoln '

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“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him” ~Abraham Lincoln In the beginning of Narrative in the life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass informs the reader about his childhood that he aware of. How he was speared from his mother at a young age and his father is a slave owner. In the next chapters, he explains the conditions that other slaves lived in and how he witness slaves get beat and killed. Douglass later became a teacher to other slaves with a new kind master William Freeland. However ,Douglass was not satisfied with this arrangement so he try to escape but he was captured Chesapeake Bay. After being captured, he found himself work for Hugh Auld in Baltimore once again. Nevertheless, that didn 't stop him from escaping again this time he went to New York. Later Douglass travels to Massachusetts and settles there with his new wife Anna Murray. (Douglass,1845) In Frederick Douglass autobiography, he tells the reader from first hand experience that he lived his life without knowing his birthday and parents. At this time period African Americans did not have any civil rights. They were treated and lived like farm animal some even say worst then farm animals. Slaves were heated ,raped and in so case murder.(Rothbard, ) Some slave owners like William Freeland form the Narrative in the life of Frederick Douglass who don 't beat and torture slaves, however their owners who do. Therefore in those who…

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