Migrant Workers Rights Essay

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Article 1: Migrant workers lose jobs after standing up for rights at Marks Farms in Lowville.



In Lowville, two Spanish-speaking migrant workers who work at Marks Farms lost their jobs after they advocate for their rights. Workers spend a large amount of time on work and only get a few salary from the farm. The jobs and the shelters that they offered to the workers make a chump out of workers. Farmworkers are going to dismissed if they express feelings of workers’ rights to the visited group, a kind of disguised layoffs. Feel carefree when they see the visitors is the rights that farmworkers think that they need to assert.
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Local industries believe they are superior than those migrants since migrants don’t have any supporters at there. Either shut up their mouth of layoff, migrants workers lose their basic rights in this kind of condition. According to the news, we can see the experience of the migrant workers in Lowville. The farm manager fired workers who met the visited group as a warning to the rest of workers. Then, workers are refused to meet the group again. Government should aware of this problem, give more welfare and rights to these migrant …show more content…
How could people being treated like this? As a person who live in a relatively easeful environment, I couldn’t imagine what their lives look like. Human rights is one of the most serious problems that we need to face about. I think about ancient China, a man could have more than one wife. Since ancient times, woman is the biggest victim and always been placed at a lower position than man. A good news is that women are getting to have more rights now. Like Canada, women can participate politics even though gender position is not balance enough yet. However, this is a good phenomenon and we can see the change of women’s rights. Although I know human rights may seems horrific unequal in many countries, government has the responsibility to improve it. Human rights is relate to the rise and decline of a country, a right decision that government make can decide the future of this

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