Suicide Through Hamlet 's Life And The Way That Hamlet Deals With The Problems That He Encounters

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The theme of suicide can be found in many aspects of society such as literature as well as the daily life of people. In Hamlet, Shakespeare explores the theme of suicide through Hamlet’s life and the way that Hamlet deals with the problems that he encounters. The theme of suicide is significant in Hamlet because it greatly influences Hamlet’s thoughts and interactions with other characters. The theme of suicide is created through the experiences that Hamlet faces while he deals with the issues in his life. The decision whether to commit suicide or to live is based on one’s environment, perspective, and current emotions. One’s environment has incredible influence on every aspect of one’s life. The environment often directly impacts the attitude, thoughts, and emotion of a person. As a result, the decision whether to commit suicide or to live stems both directly and indirectly from one’s environment. An aspect of the environment that greatly impacts the decision to commit suicide is the presence of significant events. Significant events are important because they can bring sudden positive and negative changes to one’s life. The type of significant event is important because positive events such as finding love, forming and new friendship, and events that bring happiness will likely improve the mood and general outlook on the life of who experienced the event. On the other hand, negative events such as death, loss of job, and trouble can have the opposite effects on one’s…

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