Essay about Suicide Rates Among Youth Is Alarming

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A rise in suicide rates among youth is alarming. Among American youths, suicide is the third main cause of death (Mustanski and Liu, 2013). Especially, LGBT youths may face more suicidal risks due to many factors that derive directly and indirectly from their sexual identities. Likewise, some scholars predict that there is a high suicide risk among LGBT youths. It is important to specify this group of LGBT youths because their non-binary sexual identity may lead to other at-risk behaviors and suicidal tendencies that may not occur in the lifestyle of non-LGBT youths.
To understand the relationships between the sexual orientation to the suicide risks among youths, three studies present detailed data to closely examine the underlying cause of suicide factors among LGBT youths with age 15 to 20 (D 'Augelli, Grossman, Salter, Vasey, Starks, and Sinclair, 2005; Mustanski and Liu, 2013; Rutter and Soucar, 2002). Since there are stressors that only pertain to the sexual identity, many scholars hypothesize that some LGBT youths may be at more risk of suicide attempts than heterosexual youths (D 'Augelli, et al., 2005; Mustanski and Liu, 2013; Rutter and Soucar, 2002). Most LGBT youths go through a different developmental process compared to heterosexual peers. Many LGBT individuals have more stressful experiences that are related to their sexual orientation than heterosexual peers; these stressors can cause more distress and emotional disturbance, and furthermore these…

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