Suicide On Campus And The Pressure Of Perfection Essay

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Has the issue of stress among young people been addressed adequately? Over the years, the amount of stress put on our youth has grown and with that the suicide rates as well as drug abuse have also increased. Having to juggle between school, homework, good grades, work, social life and staying healthy is difficult. Family issues such as divorce, poverty and many others also add to the students mountain of stress. Many of our youth are sleep deprived. They look for ways to make it possible to stay awake and do all that is expected from he or she that is where the trouble begins because nowadays drugs are seen as a way to escape and can be found nearly everywhere. Expectations are high for students all around the U.S. From the pressure of their parents and their teachers they feel overwhelmed and sometimes make tragic decisions that later on make a big impact on their lives. In the article Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection author Julie Scelfo explains in great detail how our youth has a great amount of pressure put on them to be “Perfection”. Julie talks about a high school student Kathryn, who then graduated and went to college. Her mother would receive constant updates of Julie 's grades, whether they dropped or raised she was instantly notified. Her mother often nagged her when her grades would drop and Kathryn would work even harder to raise her grade back up. Parents often expect their children to be more than perfect and forget that the world we live…

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