Soft Tissue Analysis

Schweitzer H. Mary, Suo Zhiyong, Avci Recep, Asara M. John, Allen A. Mark, Arce T. Fernando, Horner R. John (2007) Analyses of Soft Tissue from Tyrannosaurus Rex Suggest the Presence of Protein Retrieved from
The main argument is to prove that the cells discovered in the tyrannosaurus rex femur is, in fact, real and to explain how the cells have survived over the long periods of time. The first thing that Dr. Mary Schweitzer does is address the issues that the scientific community has questioned her about (I am not going into detail about this because it is very complicated and would take up too much space for it to be a short summary). She talks about what exactly was found to of been preserved
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E., Collins, M., Harker, D., Haile, J., Oskam, C. L., Hale, M. L., … Bunce, M. (2012). The half-life of DNA in bone: measuring decay kinetics in 158 dated fossils. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 279(1748), 4724–4733. Retrieved from
The Article is trying to prove that the upmost possibility for DNA fragments to survive is one million years. With experimental tests on ostrich tissue in a series of tests. From factors of bone thickness, burial depth, and the presence of water and climate. The results of the tests are that DNA is calculated that DNA of 174 base pairs could not survive long but small thirty base pairs at negative five Celsius predicts a half-life of 158,000 years. The most DNA can survive in extremely small base pairs was calculated in extreme deposition of deep freeze in Greenlandic ice cores is one-million years.
The research is reliable. The conclusions come from the extensive amount of math. The half-life of atoms inside the DNA is going to happen no matter what factors excepted one. The colder the atoms are the slower they move and the slower they decay. The second part is the smaller DNA fragments show to remain more connected. The reasoning is that there is less opportunity for the gens to contain an unstable isotope. That is why the results show that the small base pairs in colder environments such as the Greenlandic ice cores. These conclusions make sense and have
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She describes Jack Horner’s ideas and reasoning behind his strategy. If humans and chimpanzees share nearly identical DNA but, extremely different appearances because, some of the genes are turned off. So, the same could be said about dinosaurs and birds.
The research that it is possible to recreate a dinosaur through the genetics of chickens is Reliable. The paper does tend to dance around the problem of the fact that it isn’t for sure dinosaur DNA but, a weird hybrid of the two. She uses humor of a chickenosaurus to distract the reader from focusing on the fact. Overall the research and conclusions of bypassing the deterioration of extinct animals with living ancestors is a good

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