Essay about Sugar Cane Alley

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Sugar Cane Alley

Jose is a type of person that anyone could look up to. He’s strong, smart and doesn’t let people walk all over him. Throughout the movie he becomes a stronger and stronger person. He goes through two deaths of two people who are very influential in his life, let alone the death of his mother. His grandmother, Ma Tine, raises him. She is a very influential person as well, because she has only the best in mind for her grandson. Although Sugar Cane Alley takes place in Martinique, well after slavery was abolished, the way Jose and Ma Tine live reflect many of the same ideologies of slavery from many years before. In Martinique almost everyone works, they cut sugar cane which is barely enough money to live off of. The only
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Throughout the movie, there is noticeable tension between the white people and black people. A scene would be shown of the lifestyles of the black people working in the cane field, they look exhausted and miserable. A few seconds later there is a scene shown of Leopold’s house, which is beautifully furnished, it seems like his family has everything they need. I thought it was very powerful how the scenes were shown. One would be a very depressing scene with Jose living in a shack with a dirt floor, and the next would show Leopold’s house. This was meant to create tension in the movie. Although this was something that jumped out at me, there were many other things that showed tension through Leopold. Leopold’s father saw him playing with Jose one day. He was furious by this and hunts Leopold down and tells him he cant hang out with Jose. Shortly after this scene, Leopold’s father is lying on his deathbed and refuses to say that Leopold is his son. Leopold’s mother is black, which means that he is a mulatto. His father is noticeably ashamed by this and says that he can’t inherit the land or his name. “It’s always been a white name, it doesn’t belong to mulattos,” said the dying man.
Even though that was his son he was talking to, he was still able to treat him so poorly. This shows me that this type of tension was still going on in the world, many years later. His father was still able to see him as a mulatto, not as his son. You then see Leopold being

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