Subordination of Women Essay

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Subordination of Woman
The feminist theory looks into women’s social roles and the tolerance woman must have in order to stay in a marriage. Susan Glaspell and Charlotte Gilman wrote in a time where it was socially unacceptable to divorce your husband in any circumstance. Feminist theory is a deeply rooted in the short stories and the inequalities these women face in comparison to their males counterparts. In “Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman, the oppression and destruction of the female character is created from the male characters’ insensitivities and false perceptions of the female’s physical and mental state.
The male characters in both stories all play prominent professional roles
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How-she-did-change” (Glaspell 375). This explains how gentle Minnie 's character suddenly became a murderous woman, who lost her mind do to her husband who spitefully killed the little Canary. It is ironic that he was dealt the same fate. Perhaps Minnie believed her husband killed what was left of her by taking the life of the bird and Susan Glaspell wanted to show that by illuminating that passage.
The unreliable female narrator in "The Yellow Wallpaper"

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