Subordination Of Women In Society Essay

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The subordination of women in society from men is a structured division of disempowerment from one gender to the other. Through almost all aspects of institution based organizations, there is the system of patriarchal influence and behavior that limits a women’s ability to participate and develop themselves beyond what is constituted by them.
The issue of gendered roles in society is a discriminative mechanism that disposes of the emphasis on women’s rights and empowerment as a result of the social divide within all areas of institutional groups. The patriarchal role places a need for domination which puts women as a secondary or the “other” and will often cast women into seeing their outside appearance as a way to get into certain areas of
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Throughout the song the concept of women objectification is made in multiple ways and reinforces male patriarchy, explaining that as long as there is an inflow of cash she should stay subordinated to him. Even if the women is in a relationship with another man she should be available at all times to him, however, his commitment to her is little to none. The woman is seen as commodity and expense to him to which she can be disposed of and also easily persuaded into doing things once money, clothes and jewelry are involved. He explains after he’s done with her he’ll take her to a jewelry store and buy her expensive gifts as an exchange for her service. He even goes to explain what the women should do in order to keep him around explaining that she must use the money or what was given to her to sell back and buy the thing for him in order to keep him around if she expects to receive more things. Throughout the song, there is a strong divide between the role of women compared to a man, in which the women is forced into a sexualized culture governed by male ego and persuasion to which a system that women can only work …show more content…
In Cynthia Fuchs Epstein’s “Great divides: The Cultural, cognitive, and social Bases of the global Subordination of Women” the discussion of women based on a categorization of sex which creates a social divide through all areas of major institutions (Epstein 1). To which the gender divide as seen throughout the song enforces women’s roles in reproduction and limits there activities and participation. In this aspect, we see a culture divide that cross references the media’s influence along with economical sources as a way to subordinate women from men. As Epstein explains, it is created through “cultural entrepreneurs” (Epstein 3), those of leading institutions or corporations such as Supervisors or executive officers who enforce the perpetual by persuasion, forms of barter, custom and threat of force (Epstein 3). The dichotomous categorization is a powerful mechanism for maintaining an advantage for the privilege of the category. In this divide, the male is dominant and privileged through all aspects while the female is dependent throughout the negotiation and activity of the male. Women become displaced and prescribed to societal institutions assign roles centered on the biological sex as Epstein explains (Epstein 3). The media through its advertisements, movies and music situate women to assigned basic societal and symbolic roles, to which there is a certain

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