Students ' Attitudes Towards The Police Essay

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Other studies indicate that males tend to hold more favorable view of the police than females (Brown and Coulter, 1983; Thomas & Hyman, 1977). Specifically, Thomas and Hyman (1977) noted that females were slightly more unfavorable in their attitudes towards the police than males. Nonetheless, various bodies of work suggest that gender has no effects on the perception of the police (Chow, 2012; Hurst and Frank, 2000). Residency is another important factor to consider when examining students’ attitudes towards the police. According to the official SUNY College at Buffalo website, more than 2,000 students live on campus in ten corridor, suite, and apartment-style campus residence halls. At SUNY College at Buffalo, as well as in other colleges, both private and public, graduate and upper-class students may opt to live on campus, or off campus. As such, commuter students make up an overwhelming majority of the college student population (Jacoby, 2000). In this study it is hypothesized that students who live off campus are more likely to be dissatisfied with University Police and feeling safe on campus. This is likely the case because students who live on campus have a variety of resources and support available to them within short proximity of their living quarters whereas students who live off campus often have to travel long distances to campus to access student support services. Student support services might include academic advisement, tutoring, workshops, personal and…

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