Stryon Public Safety And Security: Business Analysis

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Since the tragic incidents that took place in 2001, the level of security for government agencies has grown exponentially. According to the U.S. Security Spending Since 9/11 (2011), “The United States has spent more than $7.6 trillion on defense and homeland security.” This statistic caused a group of veterans to look at their surroundings and contemplate what is happening at home, where their families live and work? After much consideration and evaluation of current statistical and analytical data, two veterans, both from the U.S. Army, developed a plan to fill a negated market; Americas’ communities. They are vulnerable to activities that even law enforcement has a difficult time managing.
During a conversation about the homeless veterans
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With the prospect of other business in mind it was unambiguous that the company structure be set in such a manner as to relieve the liabilities off of the owners and allow the development of the business to be formed without seeking outside sources of …show more content…
At Stryon Public Safety & Security, the organization chart is three overlapping circles. Within the Business Development Circle are the responsibilities for marketing and sales. While it is realized that these are two complete and separate departments it is imperative that these two departments work hand in hand with one another to meet the demands of the company. In the Operations Circle are the responsibilities for delivery of the security services and the overall culture of the company. The Support Circle provides the support for all functions of the company and its various departments. The Overlapping Areas represent the Board of Executives that monitor and oversee all general management functions such as planning, budgeting, and human relations. The overlapping areas emphasizes the interdependence between departments and encourages the participation and collaboration of all

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