Structural Diverty And Poverty

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The three major theoretical perspectives are Structural, Conflict and Symbolic Interaction theories. They each have ways to making it easier for us to understand poverty as a social problem. Structural functionalism has explains that political, economic and educational systems may not be functioning well because of rapid social change. That means that old arrangements are outdated before new arrangements are in place. Conflict theory as explains that upper and middle classes dominate and exploit the poor through such things as using political and economic institutions for their own benefit and creating ideologies that blame the poor and justify their poverty. Symbolic Interactionism explains that poverty became a social problem in the US when …show more content…
Although there was a slight narrowing of the earnings difference during the past ten years, women workers do not approach earnings parity with men even when they work in similar occupations. This income differential has remained at about the same level throughout the past two decades. The earnings gap persists for several reasons: Women are concentrated in lower-paying occupations. Women enter the labor force at different and lower-paying levels than men. Women as a group have less education and experience than men; therefore, they are paid less than men. Women tend to work less overtime than men. These conditions explain only part of the earning gap between women and men. They do not explain why women workers earn substantially less than men workers with the same number of years of education and with the same work histories, skills, and work experience (Eitzen, …show more content…
You can usually change your experience of your current circumstances by changing your attitude about them. Keeping balance in your lifestyle is important; if it’s all work and no play, you may find your ability to work beginning to wane. We all need to feel recognized and rewarded for what we do. If your job doesn’t have built-in opportunities for recognition, or if rewards are infrequent, you may need to add rewards and recognition to your own life.
Workers experience lack of benefits such as positive relationships in the workplace, clear definitions of work and just treatment. They feel like they ae no control over their work lives. Many works are stressed.
There are a variety of ways to help improve educational problems. Lengthening the number of days in a school year could help poor children. There can be improvements to the atmospheres of the schools. Placing children in smaller classes can improve performance. Parents should be more involved in school activities. Teacher’s attitudes can help in student achievement. Educational funds should be equally distributed throughout the states. If some of these solutions were put into place, students will perform

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