Stress And The Human Body Essay

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Stress and the Human Body
Few have escaped it. Some of been able to run far, but only the lucky can get away.
Maybe it was the way they were raised, maybe the way the trained themselves. But this is for sure and for certain, and everyone who goes to college has to face it. So what is this dreaded thing everyone is terrified of when they leave high school? The freshman fifteen. Seventy percent of freshman gain weight in their first year of college. Some gain ten, some fifty but the average is fifteen.
Everyone I know has gained a certain amount of weight in their first year of college, but why is this? The reason freshman, and college students gain weight during their long hard haul at school, is because of stress and how they allow stress to affect their bodies. Stress with balancing school, work, friends, or maybe in high school they played sports but then in college are less active. But the root cause of their weight gain is underlined with stress. But stress is underestimated. There are good sides of stress, some of the psychological, physical, and emotional side effects of stress can be, and are sometimes considered, more helpful rather than detrimental. But the problem is that people also consider stress to be a necessity in our day and age and ignorantly continue to ignore the dangerous side of stress when stress is not controlled. With all of the different events occurring in our world, our economy, our day to day lives, major crisis and

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