Essay about Stress And Coping Of Sports And Exercise

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Another extremely important chapter that spoke to me was chapter 4 (Stress and Coping in Sports and Exercise) stress response consists of physiological, cognitive, affective and behavioral reactions. (Crocker, 2011) The concept of stress never gets old for me. It is one those issues that everyone faces on a daily basis as we face different stressors. Learning more about stress will only be beneficial. People usually relate stress to cognitive and that is something I also mistakenly thought. Stress is a lot more than that and I only learned that by experiencing it. My girlfriend went through a tough period with a family member becoming extremely ill and this was during exam season. For about 2 weeks, her life consisted of hospital and studying for exams. Her brother was in the hospital for over a month and her having to deal with a life threatening situation plus added stress from school and problems with friends really got to her. Once that period was over, she would get sick every week and I am no doctor but I knew with all this stress and anxiety she is going through that she needed a break. After exams were over she went to Qatar for 2 weeks and all the relaxation she got and the distressing she got from being on a vacation for 2 weeks she came back looking and feeling a lot healthier. I did some research into it and I got just as I expected. Stress can have a toll on you physically and just mentally. I found an article that was spot on and here is what I found:…

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