Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Weimar Republic Analysis

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Weimar weaknesses were really significant, and how was that the weimar rep. involved itself with allies, affections, haters and all of those facts that lead to weaknesses. This caused by the treaty of versailles, the great depression; by the origins of the weimar rep. Some successes of stresemann too and at last by how people felt about it, the weak leadership those lead to those weaknesses.

Weimar republic was a new democratic government declared at weimar, since the german king gave up the throne a new government was going to enter into germany so they name it weimar republic, so this new government was succeeding a lot but at last it ended up with a lot of weaknesses and they were really significant at this times since they stayed and
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The great depression bombed at the weimar republic when everything had started with economy this great depression was terrible and lead germany in bad conditions, germany with all the economy lost from the treaty of versailles and now the great depression added to it obviously germany needed to rescue themselves from that so that weakness was significant but it lead to be permanent since germany progressed and told the u.s to lend them a loan and they did so now germany was surviving to that weakness of the weimar republic but it was still a weakness because of economy lost again. The great depression and treaty did not stayed at that point they continued affecting the weimar republic or germany by economy again, something that germany that would give them some success was called the dawes plan were was actually a failed, because it was for time to pay reparation s but this did not give germany longer time to pay, and it had currently burned germany and replace it to a new stable point of economy so the dawes plan has to do with this point a lot because economy was a weakness, it was trying to succeed by the dawes plan but it resulted vise versa. At last germany couldn’t be left alone and this point gave another affecting

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