Strengths And Weaknesses Of Reason Essay

1386 Words Nov 26th, 2015 6 Pages
Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of reason as a way of knowing.

Reason is one of the 5 ways of knowing. Reason is simple term is the ability that a human posses to make a logical thinking in order to answer a question with a specific and relevant answer. Although reason is frequently used to obtain information and to back up reasoning, it had as many weaknesses as strengths. It’s why reason as a way of knowing is not reliable as we could think. In this essay, I will to put in evidence the strengths and the weaknesses of reason through deductive and inductive logic, ethic, mathematic, medicine and finally religious aspects.

The first strength of reasoning is that it seems to give certainty to what we say. It gives us certainty thanks to a correct logical reasoning. A correct reasoning involves proves, inference truth, arguments, (in) validity and for all of them, they need to be logic. At this point, we can understand that logic is most frequently combined with reason. However, with logic you always get as a conclusion a valid answer but is it necessarily the truth? Let’s back up a little bit, we base our logic on 2 ways of reasoning, inductive and deductive reasoning. For inductive reasoning, we go from the specific observation to the general. Thus the weakness of inductive logic is that you loss certainty by generalizing. To illustrate that we can take the example of the law of gravity found by Newton. Newton understood that something was attracting the apples and…

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