Strengths And Weaknesses Of Reason Essay

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Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of reason as a way of knowing.

Reason is one of the 5 ways of knowing. Reason is simple term is the ability that a human posses to make a logical thinking in order to answer a question with a specific and relevant answer. Although reason is frequently used to obtain information and to back up reasoning, it had as many weaknesses as strengths. It’s why reason as a way of knowing is not reliable as we could think. In this essay, I will to put in evidence the strengths and the weaknesses of reason through deductive and inductive logic, ethic, mathematic, medicine and finally religious aspects.

The first strength of reasoning is that it seems to give certainty to what we say. It gives us certainty thanks
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Without reasoning will not be able to explain and answer a mathematical question, as 5+5=10.
However in a real life situation, using mathematical reasoning won’t always work as: if we add 5 peaches with 5 peaches, it will give 10 peaches but they won’t be there until the end of the world. If we wait 10 years, the peaches will rot away and 5+5 won’t be equal to ten anymore. We can conclude that use mathematical reasoning as a proof in the present can be a strength but in the future, it can be a weakness because some elements (time, weather,…) can change the
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This weakness is that reason is often related with ideas and opinions that you have build with your education, and religion. When you try to argument something that you feel strongly about with reason, usually it will just be valid for yourself and not for everyone. For example, if we take the recent polemics about the attacks in Paris. I would say as many others that the terrorists were stupid, unconscious and awful people. My reasoning is the following: They killed innocents and with no valid reasons so I assume that they are stupid, unconscious and awful people. However, a few people would say that they are really good because they did for Allah as revenge. For them, that’s a valid reason to kill “innocent” people. I put the apostrophe because I think they were innocent but for them, they were not. They were not because their countries insulted their prophet. We could ask ourselves, who is right? We can’t know who has the truth because our reasoning is influenced by our ideas and opinions. However, both opinions are valid because the reasoning’s are

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