Strengths And Weaknesses Of Ralph Lauren

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Register to read the introduction… Ralph Lauren has expanded all over the globe and is continuing to open up stores in new countries each year. Following this key strength is their selection of luxury products. Ralph Lauren started with strictly menswear but has since expanded to become a well-diversified lifestyle brand. Lastly is Ralph Lauren’s wholesale division for department stores.
The Ralph Lauren division, sold at department stores, is affordable to most people and this is the line we see people wearing most commonly. The high fashion items sold at the Ralph Lauren stores is not highly accessible geographically or the monetarily to the average person.
Ralph Lauren’s greatest weakness is their dependence on large retail stores to generate revenue.
About half of Ralph Lauren’s revenue comes from their wholesale segment alone and this puts a lot of their reliance on the retail stores that sell the wholesale division for Ralph Lauren. The next weakness is the


revenue lost in exchange rate fluctuations from overseas business. Last, is Ralph Lauren’s dependence
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Ralph Lauren’s high score shows it is leading the industry and the biggest laggard in the industry is
Ann Inc.


Table 7


Total revenue for Ralph Lauren is fluctuating due to the economic recession. Ralph Lauren’s focus throughout the past decade has been on expanding internationally. They did not let the economic recession impact their efforts throughout the past few years but the recession caused a slight dip in revenue. The
Chief Financial Officer for Ralph Lauren mentioned in an article that the company is already so well established around the world that they did not have to make any internal changes to deal with the recession and they felt fortunate in this. The increase in expenses is due to the opening of flagship stores in Ralph Lauren’s expansion efforts.

Table 8

Ralph Lauren’s cash fluctuations and the increase in assets can be attributed to the flagship store operations. Ralph Lauren’s debt level is decreasing showing that the company does not operate with a high level of debt. It is also important to notice the increase in stockholder’s

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