Hussmann Swot Analysis

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7 Strengths and gaps of the current practice
There is both positive and negatives in the current processes within Hussmann when it comes to setting business strategy, workforce planning and applying metrics to monitor their success of the warehouse.
7.1 Hussmann Strengths
The current strengths of Hussmann include the use of a cross functional leadership team (Robbins 2012) to coordinate business strategy, having a Human resources department to coordinate the recruitment, retention and development activities (Boxall 2011) of warehouse staff. In addition to a daily communication of the IFOT metric to several stakeholders, which can be used for workforce planning in an ongoing manner as a lagging indicator.
7.2 Hussmann Weaknesses
The weaknesses
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Continually developing staff skill sets and reinforcing the diligence and attention to detail required to deliver the required outputs on a daily basis.
9 Planning for the future
Hussmann is in the process of implementing a Warehouse management system (WMS) that will be deployed in April 2016. This will provide the ability to report the proposed metrics on an as needed basis, removing the need for the current manual collection of data.
This will have far reaching implications across the business and requires a detailed communication and implementation plan in order for it to have every chance of success. In addition to affording far more granular control over the warehouse as well as greater visibility of staff performance within it, other departments will be impacted as well
• Customer service – greater visibility of order status
• Production – greater adherence to the production schedule will be required
• Engineering – Bill of material accuracy will be needed in order for accurate inventory
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