Strengths And Weaknesses Of Family Essay

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The first theory I immediately thought about was Strengths Perspective in relation to family work. What drew me to strengths perspective was how Collins, Jordan, and Coleman related it to family social work saying:
The strengths-based perspective reveals to family social workers how to discover and explore, embellish, and exploit families’ strengths and resources in the journey of achieving their goals, realizing their dreams, and shedding the shackles of their own lack of confidence and misgivings. (p. 148)
Collins et al. mention family protective factors and how they act as strengths for a family, saying, “These factors play out as the family works together as a team” (2013, p.158). While I was trying to understand the situation, I found several family protective factors that helped my family navigate through the process of me meeting my biological parents. The biggest factor I thought helped my family and I was a sense of belonging. The text defined this as, “Family cohesion, or having a sense of involvement, belonging, and caring, is also a potent protective factor” (Collins et al., 2013, p.158). My parents have always made me feel like I was just as much as a part of the family as any other person, even though I was not biologically related. My family members included me and accepted me, feeling the same excitement my parents felt for finally being able to have a child. This is the love I felt from my family and most importantly my parents, and it helped us be…

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