Essay about Strengths And Strengths Of The Rail Paths

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We consider our manufacturing plant in Chicago, Illinois. as an important strength. Out of Chicago comes the country 's largest freight-train network, as well as convenient access to the Great Lakes and overseas markets. The rail paths can take our product nearly anywhere in North America, and our connection by sea can take us across to markets around the world. Being located in this mass transportation hub will help reduce not only the transportation-related cost, but will also allow us to distribute our product to retailers in a more timely manner (as time is another critical feature working in our favor). This could also be considered an internal factor as we directly control where to place our manufacturing center as it relates to our distribution network to get our product to retailers. Our mid-price ranged bikes fall in a price range that average people would considered on-pair with the industry. This will give us a competitive edge in all demographics. Offering a mid-range bike, we intend to appeal customers who are not looking to buy a bike that cost more than a monthly mortgage payment, but something that will stand the test of time. Despite our mid-range prices, our products will outperform our high-priced competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and commitment to long-lasting fun.
We put aside a large amount of our revenue towards advertising. We will do this to put our brand MDBK out there to retailers so, in the mass quantity of bike…

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