Strengths And Strengths Of Adlerian Therapy Essay

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Strengths of Adlerian Therapy Adlerian Therapy has several strengths that make it useful in counseling. The first strength is that it is helpful in treating clients with many different problems and disorders. As I mentioned earlier, there were studies that were done that were successful in showing that different forms of Adlerian therapy was helpful to adult males who struggled with substance abuse issues and is helpful in treating children who were being disruptive during school. However, Adlerian therapy has also been shown to be helpful in treating depression as well. (Corey, 2013) This is because Adlerian therapy focuses on a person’s ability to have and maintain healthy social relationships with other people and holds onto the notion that if a person does not have healthy relationships they will develop psychological problems, such as depression. I personally believe that the fact that Adlerian therapy focuses on a person’s social interests and relationships is important because many people suffer with social anxiety or do simply not know how to effectively interact with people. The second strength of Adlerian therapy is that it also focuses on the idea of positive encouragement in a counseling setting. This is part of the first step in using Adlerian therapy in counseling, which focuses on trying to develop an intimate personal and empathetic relationship with the client. The reason for this if this relationship dynamic does not exist then the client can…

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