Essay on Strengths And Gaps Of The Current Practice

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7 Strengths and gaps of the current practice
There is both positive and negatives in the current processes within Hussmann when it comes to setting business strategy, workforce planning and applying metrics to monitor their success of the warehouse.
7.1 Hussmann Strengths
The current strengths of Hussmann include the use of a cross functional leadership team (Robbins 2012) to coordinate business strategy, having a Human resources department to coordinate the recruitment, retention and development activities (Boxall 2011) of warehouse staff. In addition to a daily communication of the IFOT metric to several stakeholders, which can be used for workforce planning in an ongoing manner as a lagging indicator.
7.2 Hussmann Weaknesses
The weaknesses of the current metrics are they are manually collated and open to manipulation, they only provide an overview of what is happening and are not granular enough in detail (Baltzan 2010) in order to develop detailed planning for workforce actions and as such do not provide the required business intelligence for the leadership of the business to be able to plan activities from anything apart from a high level. There is also no current leading indicators which can be used to foresee possible challenges before they arise.
8 Focus on the right measures and metrics
In beginning to access and determine the correct set of metrics and measures for the Hussmann warehouse. We must ensure they are aligned to each of the business strategies as…

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