Strengths And Drawbacks Of A Quantitative Research Essay

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The age long war between the two paradigms of research have waged on for decades. Qualitative and quantitative researchers live in harmony, but they reside in different dimensions depending on the type of research they incorporate. However, Polyes notes that both methods overlap in some instances in terms of research which lead him into believing that the two paradigms can complement each other. Looking at the quantitative survey presented by SFU, I plan on discussing the strengths and drawbacks of this research method as well as the presentation of findings. As I move forward with the essay I intend on designing my study by employing a qualitative approach and later combining it with the quantitative study to form a multi-method research. Researchers have traditionally used quantitative approaches to represent the mainstream in a wide variety of social science disciplines. (pp5) quantitative researchers perceive themselves as truth seekers of “numerical precision.” (pp. 4) There are various strengths of conducting a quantitative research. In terms of this specific case study this method is quite apt to aggregate large amounts of data which could be used to apply to a large population. This study uses a nomothetic analysis. Polyes describes this as identifying general trends or patterns which can help to generalize by compiling responses from the population under review (pp.7). Considering the fact that the survey by SFU was aimed to target a large population, i.e. all…

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