Strength and Conditioning Policy Essay

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The strength and conditioning philosophy can be wrapped up in one statement; to train for sport-specific power. The definition of power is: strength x speed= power. Strength training, Olympic weightlifting, sprint speed, agility, plyometrics, flexibility, balance, and core/stability training all need to be performed to achieve maximum sport-specific power.

A strong core is necessary to maintain back strength throughout all ranges of motion. Proper posture in the core can significantly increase the force production of the arms and legs and keep the athlete's back strong and healthy throughout all training. This can especially be important in today’s society where kids walk around all day with their shoulders slumped forward to hold a
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Next is the power and speed phase to peak the athlete for the playoff season. These are workouts that are meant to be transferable from sport to sport and to give the coach a basic idea of each phase of the training year and what their goals of each part of the year should be. Please refer to the weightlifting video for proper exercise technique.

The workouts do not have percentages assigned to them. Many athletes improve at a pace ahead of the percentages that many coaches like to assign therefore cheating the athlete from reaching their full potential. Some athletes also move at a slower pace than the percentages assigned and this causes the athlete to risk injury by performing more weight than what they are capable of performing with good technique. Never sacrifice good technique for more weight. Technique always comes before weight. The athlete can lift hard, with maximum intensity, and just barely complete the repetition but they must do it while maintaining perfect technique. On the workouts there will be an assigned Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Then there will also be Weeks (Wk) assigned and you work down vertically on each day as the repetitions are given for each set of each exercise. Each box with a number in it is a set; fill in the empty space in the box with the weight performed so it can be referred back to progress the following week. There are also some training periods where the box will be

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