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Transformation Corporate Transformation

Korean Air: Chairman/CEO Yang-Ho Cho’s Radical Transformation
A series of fatal accidents, coupled with operational inefficiencies snowballed Korean Air into troubled times. Then, at the beginning of the 21st century, its CEO/ Chairman, Yang-Ho Cho undertook various transformation initiatives - for instance, improving service quality and safety standards, technology integration, upgrading pilot training, better business focus; putting in place a professional management team, improving corporate image through sponsorship marketing, etc. He gave a new corporate
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Aviation COT0010 2007 Available Available

Business Divisions; Hanjin Group; Airfreight; Air Cargo; Corporate Restructuring; Fatal Accidents - Safety Constraints; OECD; SkyTeam Alliance; Family-owned Business Conglomerates; Cargo Shipping

declined by 5% from that of 2004. This case looks into the difficulties that AOL faced due to its primarily subscriptionbased revenue model, and the reasons for this shift in strategy. Pedagogical Objectives

Dell Back to the Future?
On January 31st 2007, Dell announced the resignation of Kevin Rollins (Rollins) as the CEO, and founder Michael Dell (Michael) took over as the next CEO. Since mid-2005, Dell had problems with customer service, quality and the effectiveness of its direct sales model. Lately, Hewlett Packard, a competitor to Dell, has gained on Dell and occupied the No.1 spot as a PC vendor. During Rollins' tenure Dell also faced investigations of the SEC for accounts irregularities. Michael faced an uphill task to take the company to the No. 1 position, where it was when he had left. Analysts felt that it would not be easy for Michael to comeback, although they felt that he would be the only person who could revive Dell. Pedagogical Objectives • The kind of leadership traits essential to become successful in the competitive IT industry • How Michael Dell's strategies enabled the company to become the top PC vendor • The difference between the strategies of Michael Dell and Kevin Rollins and to understand the

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