Strategy And Marketing Strategy: Netflix's Competitive Advantage

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Netflix is achieving its competitive advantage by crafting a well-conceived strategy and the necessary vision to compete, survive and gain a competitive advantage over competing rivals. My case analysis is based upon the information gained from the textbook and reviewing the company’s website. Unfortunately, the information in the text book is quite a bit older than the current information on Netflix’s website. Viewing the company’s profile and financial growth over the last few years indicates that Netflix strategy and vision has been implemented successfully, achieving strong strategic growth and a sustainable competitive …show more content…
As a past customer of Netflix, I enjoyed many of these features. I do not like browsing through a video rental store. I find it difficult and time consuming trying to find an interesting movie. Netflix’s online software is structured to make recommendations on my previously viewed movies, thereby making the decisions for me. This is one strong feature that has strengthened Netflix’s competitive advantage.

In order for Netflix to survive in this competing market, they must capitalize and dominate the downloadable DVD business. Netflix has the ability and “know-how” to do this. Netflix has the software already in place for promoting their products online, now they need to implement a user friendly application for downloading movies to the consumer. The biggest obstacle I see, is getting them to a medium that consumers can use and watch on their current television. Another hurdle is the advances in high definition televisions. I enjoy watching high definition movies.

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