Strategies in Teaching English Relative to the Academic Performance of English Learners

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In the light of the desire to achieve the goal of imparting knowledge to the learners, teachers are summoned from different walks of life to exert their best efforts and offer the useful knowledge they have gathered all throughout the years. Moreover, the teachers’ influence couldn’t be limited to the knowledge that feeds the mind alone but the innermost being of the learner that molds their character. In this regard, it could be considered that teaching is both the noblest profession and the most challenging also.

The interest of the students to learn highly depends on how strategies of the teacher awaken it. Thus, motivation in learning is anchored to how lessons are presented by the teachers and welcomed by the learners. Indeed,
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Only a teacher who has a sincere and genuine love for teaching and for learners can imbue them with the love for learning.

As the world changes, expectations to what the teachers can give also arise. Thus, teachers should be given the support with their continuing development in order to keep abreast with the changing demands of a learning society. If the learners who is the center of the educative process cope with the new and advanced technology, teachers must be able to get by also. Teachers must also have the ability to adapt not just with the recent trends but also with the attitude of the students they shall be facing in the classroom. Hence, teachers should understand and accept the learner’s diverse background. These learners came from different communities with different beliefs, culture, values and orientation. There should be fair treatment and equal opportunities for the learners no matter what learning style they employ or multiple intelligence they develop. A student’s growth is determined by what he does and what outer forces do to him. Hence, teachers can influence the inner factors that led a student to learn by manipulating the outer aspects. Realizing that students learn in different ways, the teacher who wishes to be really effective will be sure that his teaching is characterized by variety. The intelligence, aptitude, social background and individual

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