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A Brief History of Nintendo

Nintendo started as a Japanese playing card manufacturer and remained in this industry until 1974 when it created the video game market with the Magnavox Odessey. Nintendo was founded in Kyoto, Japan, in 1889 under the name of Nintendo Koppai by Fusajiro Yamauchi (Nintendo History). They made decks of playing cards, known as Hanafuda, in Japan. The cards were made by hand originally and became very popular. As demand soared, Yamauchi hired assistants to mass-produce his cards and he opened
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* Brand reputation and recognition – unlike its primary competitors Nintendo is synonymous gaming * Established brand gives a competitive advantage - Nintendo’s long history of innovation has also given them an advantage. They can be trusted to try something new and to take risks. They are trusted to produce quality games and have a long and successful history of doing so. Finally, Nintendo only employs about 3000 people worldwide * Unique and innovative product offerings with largest games * Affordable gaming for people of a variety of economic classes - Their low cost of employment mixed with in house production and distribution of product keeps Nintendo’s cost low, and offers them a distinct price advantage over their other competitors. * Geographical diversification reduces the business risk – the distribution networks that are established across the world and has a truly global presence. It is not over reliant on any one of its markets, which helps Nintendo to reduce their risk abroad
* Brand hasn’t established itself in the emerging economies * Limitations of enforcing intellectual property rights in some region has led to growth of counterfeit product * Nintendo’s lack of adequate marketing has left the serious gaming

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