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This resource has been developed by the LSU, CQU-SIC. It is not a substitute for the official CQU guide and should be used in conjunction with the official CQU guide and specific instructions in course profiles. The CQU official guide to referencing is available online at: .

Academic writing must use referencing. Harvard Referencing involves:
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Footnotes and endnotes: Footnotes are explanations of details or comments about a particular point that are placed at the bottom of the page. They are used in order to avoid distracting the reader from the flow of information in the text. Use superscripts to signal footnotes, like this1 :

To make superscript in Word, highlight the numeral and under Font tick the superscript box. Alternatively you can use the Insert Reference function on Word. Endnotes differ from footnotes in that they are grouped at the end of the book, chapter or article.

1. In-text referencing
   You must provide an in-text reference for all direct quotations and paraphrases. All in-text references need the name/s of the author/s and year of publication. Direct quotations (or ‘quotes’) also need a page number.


The purpose of in-text referencing is to lead the reader to the full details of the source text given in the Reference list: In-text reference for quotation (Nash 1990, p. 24) (with a page number).
Nash, R 1990, The rights of nature, Primavera Press, Sydney.

Reference list entry

Note about author/s: There may be more than one author of a source (or text), or the author may be a corporation, organisation or Government Department. For individual author/s, use the family name/s only for an in-text reference. If there is no author, use the Journal Title for an

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