Strategic Management of Haigh's Chocolate Essay

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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Current Situation 3 3. External Environment 4 3.1 Macro Environment 4 3.2 Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competition 8 4. Internal Analysis 10 Strength 10 Weaknesses 14 5. Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) 17 6. Current strategic 21 6.1 Business-level strategic 21 6.2 Functional-level Strategies 23 6.3 Corporate Level strategies 24 7. Recommended strategies 26 7.1 Business-level strategy 26 7.2 Functional Strategy 28 7.3 Corporate strategy 31 8. Implementation 36 Reference List 40 Appendix 43 Appendix A: External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS) 43 Appendix B: Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) 44

1. Executive Summary
The following
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They are fairly well vertically integrated. They make chocolates and then transport or arrange for them to be transported to their own retail shops, which mean that they control the whole process to ensure that their customers get the highest quality and freshest products (OrmanSasha, 2011).
3. External Environment

External environment is an uncontrollable element that effects an operation. However, by carefully analyzing external factors that relate to the company’s industry, a company would deal with uncertainty in the market and be able to take appropriate actions to any upcoming events.
3.1 Macro Environment

Political/ Legal Confectionery manufacturers are required to follow significant regulatory restraints especially in relation to food safety, product labeling, occupational health and safety, competition and consumer law, employment law as well as taxation policies. The regulatory requirements are sources of cost increase to manufactures. However, the regulations are necessary in order to guarantee the right for consumers, employees, competition and the quality of products. Failure to follow regulations might lead to significant negative publicity that can damage the reputation and brand of the company. Product safety regulations: Chocolate and confectionery manufacturers must strictly follow food and health regulations. The regulations are aimed at maintaining high levels of food hygiene and protecting the

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