Essay on Strategic Initiatives

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Strategic Initiative Paper "Disney"
Marquita Lacy-Polk, Diana Dorsey, Kim Jenkins, Joshua Snooks
January 29, 2014

Strategic Initiative Paper "Disney"

Disney has grown exponentially to become a household name and a global leader in the industry of family entertainment. Shortly after as a small cartoon company, Ellas Disney, founder of Walt Disney grew the Disney Corporation into something that no one could have imagined. Ellas Disney was always known for his innovation and abilities and still reminiscent today as it was in the 1920s. The company attributes are a majority of and to the success that they have built. In order for organizations to be successful and to survive requires planning for the future, with creative
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Disney’s initiatives are to continue developing strategies for the company’s needs; focus on operational development; and financial planning. Disney strives to achieve these initiatives through its four business segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, and consumer products.
There are always risk factors a company will face when it comes to planning. Disney has to keep in mind the changes in US global or regional economic conditions, which could have an adverse effect on the profitability for some or all of its sub-businesses. Changes in consumer taste, preferences for entertainment, and trendsetting products could rapidly change the demand - resulting in a negative effect on the profitability. Also, advanced changes in technology and consumer consumption can lead to reduced demand for Disney’s entertainment products. The revenue generated from the organization’s sales will determine Disney’s financial ability to produce and distribute its own goods. Disney is a highly recognized brand that competes in multiple industries. Financial planning helps project future sales and financial needs for the upcoming year. Despite the fact it can all change in an instant, the management and operations team must foresee nearly all future costs and needs. Disney’s initiative’s affects

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