Strategic Initiative Paper Fin/370

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Strategic Initiative Paper

McDonald’s has been in business since 1955. Through many years of great strategic and financial planning, it has become one of the most successful food chains in the world. In order to continue its great success, McDonald’s must continue to adapt to change. In this paper we will discuss the strategic and financial planning that would be necessary to keep McDonald’s on top of the food chain.

Strategic Initiatives
Strategic Plan McDonalds is a corporation that has great success because of good strategy and planning. In the next five years, McDonalds needs to keep up with the changes of the consumer and social
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One of the ways McDonald’s can obtain a positive net income is to maximize efficiency in its restaurant operations while at the same time placing the customer first. With strategic focus on menu variety and beverage choice, McDonald’s is hoping for increased sales and guest counts. With their convenience and day part expansion initiative, McDonald’s is hoping to increase efficiency in its drive-thru pick up window, and the company is staying open later for those late-nighters who want a quick bite to eat. McDonald’s also has locally owned and operated restaurants which “are at the core of their competitive advantage and makes them not just a global brand but a locally relevant one” (McDonald's, 27). They are in the process of remodeling and upgrading its franchises. The company is also opening up McCafe’s “with the expectation that the gourmet coffee shop would move it closer to its goal of doubling sales at existing U.S. restaurants over the next decade” (Peter & Donnelly, Jr., 2007, 253). A couple other organizational strategies are branded affordability, and the development of their employees starting with recruitment and training and leading all the up to leadership and management.
McDonald’s strategic plan is influencing

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